Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Morons getting intelligent, Thanks Google!
New Role Of Google, the Big B to Morons

Google has well evolved as the Big B to the community of cyber morons after the dissemination of this immensely useful phrase, Google It You Moron ( It's pure fun having heard this phrase every now and then among the colleagues and many of the guys asking silly questions. This phrase is indeed becoming a favorite saying of individuals who consider themselves smarter or just want to tease people asking stupid questions.
As a result, I am witnessing many morons getting smarter and a bit more cautious while asking questions, regardless of the quality of the questions.

Moron as an acknowledgement to their new-found respite, owe thanks to Google, the Big B. At the same time, Google should also pay equal thanks to the creator of site and founder of the phrase, Google It You Moron. This simple phrase must have directed a great deal traffic to google.

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