Sunday, January 22, 2006

Computers hate infinity, I should not...

Whatever seems impossible to perpetrate is flagged as , undefined, by a computer but the same is what humans have always made their jacks. I am referring to Swami Dayananda's comment, "IMPossible, means I M (am) Possible."

What makes us think the infinity the undefined way, a focus to our main goal mitigated by the myriad of our short-term goals. No doubts that these short-term goals are also very important for us to get to the situation of feeling big at small achievements and make the course of life normal. However, this myriad of short-term goals should not be entrapping enough to not let us focus on our main goal.

I was finding myself dumbfounded pondering over the differences between set of my principles and practices during recent days. I took two days of complete leisure for letting my thought process go unceased and finally, I ended up writing and making a clear vision of my principles and to visualize the junction where my practices (owing to my social and person needs) meet my principles. This two-day phenomenon of pondering involved an improvised and self-contrived session of finding and resolving the guilt arising due to inefficiency of mine during previous days. I realized the sources of guilts as a few professional setbacks, few flawed relationships and few inabilities to achieve my short-term goals. As the way out, I allowed myself a very short and strict time limit for finding reasons and surprisingly I got reasons for my these guilts in most of the cases, and for the unresolved, I chose to chuck them up.

This was my way of waving a good-bye to self-originated frustration and self-motivation. As a result of which,
"I don't hate infinity unlike computers. "

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