Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Attention Geeks, Bitwise 06 Announced!

Technical freaks, an alarm for you from IIT Kharagpur. Bitwise 06, the annual online programming contest, which has become a grownup among its global counterparts leaving behind age of its infancy merely a few years back.

Bitwise poses a set of virtual problems that are emulated real by the creative themes, the creators of these problems contrive. These virtual problems are supposed to be first reduced to some intelligible software problems and that’s where your programming brains should start working. The objective is not only to have programmatic solutions to these problems; solutions must appear as if they are real work of real brains. They need to be optimized for time and space complexity of algorithms giving rise to them.
As a set convention, Bitwise is held on the second Sunday of month of February each year, and this year 12 February is the date for online trial of your gray cells.
As for the rules, you are provided a limited time span (limited but not less) of around 12 hours on the day of trial, during which you can post up to 10 unique solutions to each problem. The most recent solution to a particular problem will be deemed the final solution to that problem from your side.
For further information, visit:
Bitwise 06 Home
Get informed and enticed, enroll, download the problems, and take a deep breath. Start working out the old problems.
Perhaps you're gonna become the one who gets ranked among the top 50 and among the ones who get their skills explored and exposed to outside world... and who knows who in this material world is looking for a geek like you!

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