Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Google Finance: the latest buzz from Google

Google now penetrates into an area till now touched by various companies at local levels most prominently. That area is finance and portfolio management. The best part again like all the other google products is their reliance on "Majesty Of Simplicity."

As default options you can view daily statistics of growth and decline of various international market indexes viz. Nasdaq, Dow, S&P 500, NYSE on the Google Finance Page. They have not refrained from displaying presumably their favourite feature i.e. news and headlines but now limited to financial domain only. These headlines keep on getting updated with the global business news fed from all the leading newslines across all over the world.
You can even use Google Finance for your book keeping needs, I mean for portfolio management, seems a little trivial to me, but again the majesty of simplicity.

Google finance keeps you updated about all the news it assumes required, for the stocks you've added in your portfolio. It displays statistics chart, financial stats at the moment, Company Facts, Company Summary, and Management Details related to your selected stocks. It also displays the blogs, data about other related companies and more relevant links related to the stocks of your choice.

Another very interesting tool by google, falling perfectly inline with their leading trail of products. Just check it out...

Monday, March 20, 2006

Mumbai, Home to Helpless Talents

History has witnessed an everlasting trail of people coming to Mumbai in hopes of a bright future, falling perfectly inline with what Mumbai has been always known for. As always enticing outsiders, Mumbai is viewed as a place where people come hungry but don't sleep hungry.
Continueing along the similar lines, I recently met many of the similar people coming from remote areas of U.P., Bihar, Haryana, A.P., Tamilnadu, and virtually all states in India.
The typical categories of jobs these people were found doing were:
  • Rickshaw & Taxi Driving(Most of the rickshaw and taxi drivers in Mumbai are U.P. and Bihar people)
  • Paanwalas
  • Doodhwalas
  • Security Guards
.... and many more.
To my surprize, many of these guys came Mumbai in hopes of seeing their talents flourish, but with no penny in pockets. I don't know whether to call it unfortunate or lucky, they started earning their livelihoods fearing the slappings of time and feeling hunger. The jobs that gave them their first bucks of living were unfortunately not as they were supposed to be; they were not utilizing their talented sides. Yes, the talented sides of them were really bright but covered by mist of helplessness, hunger. One of the security guards at my office had been a draftsman a long ago and the man at coffee machine is an aspirant for becoming a graphic designer. His drawings of cartoons and memory-based sketches really display a nice treat to eyes and aesthetic senses.

How to help them meet their goals, is something which requires a great thought from everyone well-to-do.
As they say, "a good live cannot blossom in an environment of want and poverty."