Saturday, February 25, 2006

...Shall goodwill ever be secure?

"From a pot of wine among the flowers
I drank alone. There was no one with me –
Till, raising my cup, I asked the bright moon
To bring me my shadow and make us three.
Alas, the moon was unable to drink
And my shadow tagged me vacantly;
But still for a while I had these friends
To cheer me through the end of spring...
I sang. The moon encouraged me.
I danced. My shadow tumbled after.
As long as I knew, we were boon companions.
And then I was drunk, and we lost one another.
...Shall goodwill ever be secure?
I watch the long road of the River of Stars."

Taken from a chinese author's collection, the poem really picks me to the state where I need to realize if the goodwill ever be secure.

An employer emplyed a person with a high I.Q. level, but desperate to get a job. Employer traded on his desperation of unemployment. Both being committed to each others' needs kept working together living a harmonious relationship. Despite their employer-employee relationship (Master-Slave in worse words), they played, enjoyed, had picnics, and worked together towards the money-making of employer.
The employee one day decided to get seperated as he was now better off than ever and had now learned how one can get what he deserves. Although not feeling so happy at the thought, he decided to depart
gracefully from his employer. He was getting employment from many others with far higher prospects of flying high. He now wanted to live up to his expectations from himself.
Employer on the other hand was stunned to have this news heard and tried to placate him verbally and monetarily as well. The employer was also in a way better financial condition than ever, by now. Fearing that the employee would now certainly leave his employment, he says, "Dude, do you really think you can quit without my consent? No, You can't! I've signature of yours on a paper, which says that you cannot quit within this particular tenure on any condition or any cost."
Now the ball is in employee's court. He finds himself dumbfounded to remember his days of need, because of which he signed that document without giving a serious thought. He has to decide, what to do now. Should he murder his relationship with his employer and sacrifice his certificate of that employment & experience, or he should follow what his employer says, killing his own ambitions and sacrificing these new opportunities just to keep sanctity of his relations and papers?

Friends, ball is in fact in your court now...send your comments please.

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