Thursday, March 19, 2009

Driving Forces for an Indian I.T. Professional

Wonder, what the driving forces are for an I.T. professional. Okay, I give you choices and the choices are:

  1. Zeal to learn and innovate something technical
  2. Delight of contributing to society in a high-tech fashion
  3. Hope to develop personally being in a professional environment
  4. Urge to follow footprints of software tycoons like Prem Ji (Wipro), Narayan Murthi (Infosys), or even, Bill gates
  5. Earn a handsome salary to enjoy lavish life

I believe, the most honest answer is number 5th. Do you agree? If yes, topic doesn’t deserve to be discussed any further.

In all the other cases, I’ve further questions, the first question is:

  • Are we getting enough opportunities to create something innovative?

I don’t think when we are a force of more than 0.16 Million alike I.T. professionals in just top four companies (TCS, Infosys, Wipro, and HCL) of India, we all can get equal opportunities for developing something as a result of hardcore R&D.

  • Can the CMM certified companies survive without having many of us filling benches?

I again don’t think it’s possible. The solutions-based companies have got to prove before the client(s) that any software-crisis condition can be defied with such large a force of techies (yes, so called techies.)

  • Aren’t we ignorant and careless about catching up on the new things including technologies, profit-making and/or useful software products? Have all of us ever applied our own mind to the betterment of the existing and working systems?

My opinion here may not be general, but in my view, Yes, We are that ignorant! That’s the reason why not many Indian products like Tally, orderbox, etc. are heard of, so often.

  • Are all the managers able to handle the real techies?

Again NO! The managers, who are into HR don’t possess technical skills to manage techies, and the managers, who are technical or functional either don’t choose to care or cannot care about individualism of every potential subordinate. This even helps the growing spirit fade off inside real techies’ minds and finally makes them yet another trail-follower.

The ultimately what I conclude myself is that we don’t allow ourselves to do anything better for ourselves, except in terms of money-making. What all we allowed to do and set up our minds to do, is just money-making and earning bread and butter.

I too believe that everyone cannot be an innovator, no one is an Einstein. However, if this is what everyone agrees to, I advocate not to just run after what’s hot in the market (like I.T. in the current scenario), rather allow ourselves do some efforts to make our likings hot in the market.

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