Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Handling Smarties e.g. Hackers in Your Surroundings

Being part of a forum meant of people deeply interested in hacking, I happened to observe a number of behavior patterns that distinguish hackers from rest of us. Rather, I should say, that differ smarties from rest of the people.
A few of them were, using (almost incomprehensible to rest) slang phrases for virtually everything, writing everything so technically complex that leaves you bare-handed, and a rage to have achieved something out of the box. Not to be taken otherwise, the veterans out there typically tend to give direct solutions to problem rather than making friends with people for getting nothing in return. However, sometimes the style of direct replies leave the rest off guard. My suggestion is to not let oneself feel offended, rather try to gain trust not by acting warm, by showing off your skills, by helping the rest the way you received help. This is a kind of behaviour one needs to learn before getting across those smarties. The ways of learning, in the first place, requires you to know, how and when to put yourself forth asking questions. You should learn, How To Ask Questions The Smart Way before you collect courage to kick-ass those self-proclaimed geniuses.

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