Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Google Bombing: The Latest Consequences

I Love Google! Seriously friends, I mean it. But now the belief of mine in google is starting shaking because of an awesome (perhaps, awful) event happening globally right at the time of writing this post. Wanna look at that? Follow the steps in the order they are written here:

  1. Open (Google, the world’s favorite site.)
  2. Type “failure” or “miserable failure” (within double quotes) in the google search box
  3. Click one the the following buttons:
  • Search button, and watch first link in the search results page.
  • I’m feeling lucky, button on the page and see the result.

Dare you not burst into laughter? Yeah, that is the official page of Whitehouse, which shows you biography of George W. Bush.

Now look into the page a little technically, this page doesn’t have even the single occurrence of the word, failure. Now you should have started wondering, how is it possible?

This is possible and there are multiple past instances of the similar kind of event, termed, Google Bombing. In 1999, it was found that if you search google using keyword, “more evil than even satan himself”, and the page which used to appear as the topmost link in Google search result was that of Microsoft (

Let’s look into the underlying secret. Your page can appear at the top of the google search results while searching on a specific keyword even if you don’t have even a single occurrence of that keyword in your page. This is possible with the links in your Web site, to the pages with high density of that particular keyword.

For further details, check out the link:
Filler Friday: Google Bombing

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Anonymous said...

Atleast its better than what happened in Delhi today :(


Pankaj Gill
sensex man